Sagittarius: Is a constellation that symbolizes long journeys, philosophy, laws, religion, high ecclesiastical offices, prophecy, abstract mind, adventures, trade with foreigners, intercontinental navigation, life in the open air, physical exercises, horse races, speed, betting, sages, higher studies and independence.

KAUS BOREALIS: Giant orange star, coordinates: -26y and 18,4x, this is one of the brighter members of the constellation, it is located at a distance of 78.2 light-years.

OGLE-2005-BLG-390Lb: There is an exoplanet, coordinates: -30y and 17x, it is one of the most distant planets known, is a superEarth.

GALAXY: Galaxy coordinates: -30y and 18x, distance of about 50,000 light-years.

Gravitational waves coordinates: -29y and 17x, gravitational waves com from near of the black hole.

Blach hole: Black hole are situated near of the galaxy, coordinates: -29y and 17x, supermassive black hole.

Cosmic rays: Cosmic rays are situated near of the black hole, coordinates: -29y and 17x, near of black hole.